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About Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked Himalayan country bordering by India in East, West and South and China in North. Because of the diverse geography, Nepal has been a gift of nature. It has both polar and equator like atmospheres. It also has 10 major peaks of the world including highest Mt. Everest and third highest Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Capital: Kathmandu

Area: 147,181 Square Kilometer

Population: 264,494,504

Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Country Code: +977

Official Language: Nepali

National Languages:

  1. Awadhi
  2. Bhojpuri
  3. Gurung
  4. Kirati
  5. Limbu
  6. Magar
  7. Maithili
  8. Rai
  9. Sherpa
  10. Tharu
  11. Tamang


  1. 3% Hinduism
  2. 9% Buddhism
  3. 4% Islam
  4. 3% Kirat
  5. 4% Christianity
  6. 4% Animism
  7. 5% Irreligion


Why The Himalayan Guide ?

Experieced and Friendly Sherpa Guides

We provide Experienced Sherpa guides. As you may know that Sherpas are very loyal personality although they are shy and less talkative.

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We offer best service in affordable price. Our focus will be on your entertainment and progressive holiday. We have been giving our best services in cheaper price.

Your Safety, Our First Priority

Indeed our first priority is to keep you safe during the trip. You should know that Himalayan Trail over 4000m is a challenging and adventurous. So, we make our whole attention toward your safety.

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