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Boudhnath Stupa

Boudhnath Stupa - Large Photo

Location: Boudh, Kathmandu, Nepal
Architectural Type: Stupa (Buddhist Pilgrimage)
Height of Stupa: 36 Meters
Designated In: 1979

Boudhnath Stupa is the holiest Buddhist Pilgrimage in Nepal and outside Tibet. It is a sacred place of Buddhist that is why thousands of Buddhists people come daily to make a Kora (Buddhist Ritual) in here. Indeed, the exact built time of Boudhnath Stupa has not yet been discovered. However, it is said that the Stupa was built in the 14th century. Today, Boudthnath Stupa is a famous attraction for tourist and local people. It is situated at the 11 km far from center of the Kathmandu Valley. It is the massive spherical Stupa in Nepal. Boudhnath was declared as an UNESCO heritage site in 1979. So it is one of the most popular tourists site in Kathmandu Valley.

We can find several of stories about the construction of Boudhnath Stupa. In some books, you find that the Boudhnath Stupa was built just after the death of Buddha. But some books say that this was built by Lichchavi King of ancient Nepal. And some Tibetan source also claims that some bones of Amshuverma were found there. Indeed, Amshuverma was Thakuri Dynasty King (605-621 CE) of ancient Nepal. The stupa reflects the condensed relation between Tibet (China) and Nepal.

The Boudhnath Stupa was badly affected by earthquake 2015. However, by the help of local people, the stupa was rebuilt having the same beauty as it was before the quake.

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