Is Nepal safe to travel ?

When you plan to travel abroad, then a complete planning is needed to be safe during the trip. A complete planning not only helps to be safe but also helps to enjoy the whole trip. Before making every trip plan, you should know whether it is safe or not. So every people must be aware about safety of life when they are involving in any kind of activities. Likewise, when foreigners is thinking of travelling in Nepal Himalaya, firstly they try to find out how safe Nepal is.

Being a responsible tour operator, I just say that Nepal is relatively very safe to travel with respect to robbery, theft and assault. It is also safe to female travelers and free alone travelers unless they are travelling in remote Himalaya region. I mean if you are going to Himalaya, there should be at least a guide with you because Himalaya is not as safe as other parts of Nepal because of the high altitude and remoteness.

Generally, Nepalese are well mannered and very helpful. But some places you should pass through tough bargaining.

Bye the way, Nepal is passing its unstable political condition slowly. And Nepali is returning to its post-earthquake condition.